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Skin Texture
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our vision.

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As a woman, I went through all the skin changes the menstrual cycle had to offer. From flaky, dry skin to the perfect glow, extensive oiliness, and deeply rooted breakouts that left scars, although I never had bad skin or any major skin issues. I just thought it was part of being a woman. Until I found hope by adjusting my skin care to the different needs of my menstrual phases. The hormonal changes we go through affect our skin, the barrier, our sensitivity to the sun, and certain beauty treatments. Reading more and more about it, it was wild to me, that this is not common knowledge. I realized using the same skin care every day is not effective at all, and the ingredients eventually cancel themselves out. This had to stop! I wanted to create a skin care line that caters to the different changes of the skin and prevents issues rather than curing them. kliteur. is that. No fancy, confusing ingredients, no false promises. Just clean beauty with maximum efficiency.



our promise.

Our philosophy is not to add anything to our products that is not necessary; instead, we distil each formula down to the most-essential, natural active ingredients. We are looking for the best ingredient for every skin type. Our formulas are simple and effective and based on Hungarian thermal water.  We harness the power of this mineral-rich thermal water sourced from a spring in Hungary's Carpathian Valley, where the earth's crust is the thinnest and the water absorbs most of its minerals when bubbling to the surface, which fights inflammation.


our packaging.

Glass is an easily recyclable material, and the industry is highly developed in Hungary and most other countries. 

Glass is composed of natural minerals (sand, limestone, and soda ash). It is the ideal material for the conservation of cosmetic products thanks to its neutrality and stability.  Glass protects our formulas and prolongs their shelf life, as it is naturally resistant to temperature or chemical aggressors. Glass is also a sustainable and recyclable material.


our packaging.

For our tubes, we use aluminium, a light, resistant, and infinitely recyclable material without ever losing quality. It is airtight and reduces the risk of oxidation of the products. This means you can use your products until the last drop without any risk. 

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